Water Treatment Technology Developed by Beckart Environmental

Constantly building innovative water treatment technology is one of the main goals here at Beckart Environmental, so we continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of effluent treatment for our clients. We have been in the industry since 1978, and have put together a team of experienced engineers and chemists that allows our company to take a comprehensive view of treatment issues and wastewater treatment design.

We manufacture our equipment to deal with these challenges. Whether it’s incorporating programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to aid in process controls or adding computerized logging systems to ensure accurate records, our solutions include many of the best water treatment technologies available on equipment today.

A few specific examples of the wastewater treatment technology we have created include:

  • Filter press systems – Our Hy Pack batch filter presses utilize state-of-the-art polypropylene plates and filter clothes, with gasketed edges that are rated to 100PSI. This allows them to efficiently dewater sludge to 35-50% solids, so it’s ready for landfill disposal.
  • Wastewater recycling systems – Using a combination of our equipment and innovative wastewater treatment designs, we have produced a wide range of zero-discharge wastewater recycling systems that can function for companies in a broad range of industries.
  • Anaerobic treatment solutions – Partnering with Econvert, Beckart has created a line of specialized anaerobic treatment solutions that can reduce high levels of BOD/COD in wastewater by up to 90 percent. These solutions also capture the biogas generated by this waste water treatment process, which can be harnessed for power and many other purposes throughout your facility.

To learn more about any of our innovative water treatment technology, or to receive a quote on a system that will address your treatment challenges, contact Beckart Environmental today.