Wastewater Filter Systems and Other Water Treatment Options for Businesses Worldwide

The wastewater filter press is an essential part of any treatment system. A   press will compress the slurry that is generated through normal precipitation and sedimentation. At Beckart Environmental, our Hy-Pack® series of filter presses are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing wastewater treatment system to provide you with the sludge dewatering capacity you need. Our wastewater filters incorporate many features like 100 psi rated polypropylene filter plates, plate shifters,  2-speed hydraulic pumps, gasket sealed filter cloths, and steel head and follower plates which produce filter cakes that are typically 35-50% solids. While this saves you money on your disposal costs, the high level of automation we build into our dewatering equipment also saves your staff time. Our wastewater filter systems only require your staff to start batches, clear filter cakes and perform routine maintenance.

Some of the many businesses than can make use of these efficient sludge filter presses include:

  • Stoner cutters
  • Food processors
  • Painting and coating companies
  • Printers
  • Metal finishers
  • Plastic recyclers
  • And many more

As a full service treatment system company, we can even help optimize your system’s chemistry so your wastewater filter press, along with the rest of your system, work at their peak efficiently. Our in-house chemists can find the right mix of coagulants, filter aids and other chemicals to improve your system’s performance at every step in treatment. With our help, these improvements can drastically reduce or eliminate your noncompliance fees.

For more information on the wastewater batch filter presses and other treatment systems from Beckart Environmental, contact us today.