Continuous Sedimentation and Lamella Style Clarifiers for Wastewater Treatment in Industrial Applications

cont_sed_isometA well-designed continuous sedimentation system from Beckart Environmental can provide highly effective wastewater treatment for metal finishing, wire manufacturing, phosphatizing, and plating processes among others. Our wastewater sedimentation technology was created utilizing years of experience with related processes, including concentrate bleed-in, neutralization, and chrome reduction/cyanide destruction, so we’re able to customize systems that efficiently remove a variety of sediments.  We use high quality components that are built to work in unison for optimum efficiency and effectiveness. Many of those components are manufactured in house, including our clarifier, filter press, and sedimentation tank products, which ensures compatibility and quality. Beckart even supplies the chemicals you’ll need for continuous sedimentation water treatment and can train your operators to run the system. We can also perform routine maintenance on any continuous sedimentation tank or component you buy from us for years to come.

In addition to continuous sedimentation systems, we also sell:

  • Filter press systems
  • Biological systems
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Odor control systems

Beckart can design a system using these products to manage your wastewater treatment needs, and as a result you’ll spend less on surcharges and/or non-compliance fees.

If you’d like more information about continuous sedimentation or any of our other treatment systems, contact Beckart today. We’re happy to come to you, virtually anywhere in the world.