Wastewater Treatments Available Worldwide from Beckart Environmental

Wastewater treatments are a necessary part of many industrial processes. Whether you need to remove emulsified metals or heavy metals from wash water, reduce BOD/COD loadings or neutralize acids or alkalis, failing to properly condition your waste stream can result in heavy fines/surcharges. Fortunately with Beckart Environmental, you can purchase an efficient and easy-to-use treatment system which ensures your wastewater can be safely discharged.

Beckart can provide wastewater treatment systems that solve many problems, including:

One of the hallmarks of Beckart Environmental’s wastewater treatments is the high level of automation integrated in our systems design. Many of our designs can automatically adjust to variable flowrates, adjusting chemical dosage rates through our PLC controlled system, create computer logs and even control the process from start to finish with the push of a button. This makes it extremely easy meet your wastewater treatment goals. We also design all our systems to be modular which makes it easy to expand your industrial wastewater treatment plant to accommodate a growing business.

For more information on the wastewater treatments Beckart Environmental can design for you, contact us today. We have people stationed worldwide ready to help find the systems you need.