Beckart Environmental Can Customize a Wastewater Treatment System for Your Company’s Wastewater Management

No matter what wastewater management challenges you face in your industry, a wastewater treatment system from Beckart Environmental can help you deal with them. Our wastewater treatment offerings range from small-scale chemical treatments, to large-scale municipal treatment facilities. With a large selection of products to help you with a variety of contamination concerns, we can design a customized water treatment system to address your company’s unique needs.

With a preliminary wastewater analysis, our engineers can help you determine whether it would be more efficient to add to your current industrial wastewater treatment system or invest in new technology altogether. No matter which option makes the most sense for your company, you’ll be able to pick and choose the appropriate wastewater treatment modules for your concerns, including:

  • Anaerobic treatment systems (for converting organic matter into biogas, which can then be used as a source of alternative fuel)
  • Chemical feed systems (for introducing coagulants, polymers, acids, and other essential chemical blends into your wastewater)
  • Filter presses (for dewatering sludge, which in turn allows for landfill cake disposal)

Many of our water treatment systems incorporate pre-programmed technology, such as PLCs, that automate system monitoring and reporting. With these automatic features installed, your system can be easily operated, with minimal training for your staff. Beckart can provide them with the training they need to operate the new system. Additionally, we can handle future inspections and assessments to make sure your wastewater treatment needs are met as your company grows.

Whether you’re facing an urgent non-compliance issue or are simply taking proactive steps towards improving your wastewater treatment system, contact Beckart Environmental today.