Wastewater Treatment Systems Designed and Optimized by Beckart Environmental

Wastewater treatment systems are essential for businesses in many industries, and need to be both effective and efficient to ensure your business’s safe and continuous operation. Whether you’re a stone cutter needing to filter particulates or a food processor that needs to remove emulsified fats and oils, the experts at Beckart Environmental can design a system that provides the wastewater treatments you need to ensure safe wastewater disposal. Since 1978, we’ve worked on projects for businesses in a wide variety of industries, which has given our staff the experience needed to find solutions to even the most complex treatment problems.

Some of the many problems that Beckart can treat include:

  • Heavy metal removal
  • BOD/COD reduction
  • Chrome conversion
  • Fat, oil and grease removal
  • pH neutralization
  • TSS reduction
  • Cyanide destruction
  • And more

No matter what type of wastewater treatment systems your business needs, you can count on Beckart’s innovative wastewater technologies to make our equipment easy to install and use. Our equipment is modularly designed so it can be easily integrated into an existing wastewater system and can support additional equipment as your business needs it. We also design our equipment to have a high degree of automation, including automatic logging of chemical levels and even computerized chemical process control. This means your business can process it’s wastewater with minimal manpower.

For more information on the onsite wastewater treatment systems available worldwide from Beckart Environmental, contact us today.