Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Made Easy for Companies Worldwide with Beckart Environmental

Wastewater treatment and disposal presents a challenge to businesses across the globe every day. Whether you’re operating a fish processing plant in Chile or a metal plating shop in the USA, dumping raw wastewater into the environment or public treatment system can result in serious fines and even lawsuits against your business. If you want to ensure that your company is meeting all its industrial wastewater treatment requirements, the experts at Beckart Environmental can help. We have been designing water treatment systems for a wide variety of industries since 1978 and our experience allows us to quickly adapt our equipment to suit the needs of any business. Our engineers use modular treatment systems which can easily be integrated into any current effluent treatment plant and can easily be replaced or adapted if your business’s needs change. We also design our equipment to support a high degree of automation, utilizing a PLC controlling chemical addition and logging data. Through careful monitoring of these automated systems, our chemist can always provide an optimized plan that will produce the cleanest water with the most efficient use of chemistry.

Some of the many systems we can install for your wastewater management system include:

  • Filter presses
  • Induced & dissolved air flotation systems
  • Continuous sedimentation clarifiers
  • Reverse osmosis filters
  • pH neutralization systems
  • And more

We also support our systems with outstanding customer service. Our global presence means there’s always a Beckart representative close by to provide maintenance or help you adapt your system to meet your business’s changing needs. We also stand by our waste water disposal systems with a 1-year warranty on any equipment we install and a guarantee that your treatment process will provide the results you need.

For more information on the effective wastewater treatment and disposal systems from Beckart Environmental, contact us today.