Beckart Environmental Can Add a Wastewater Filter Press to a New or Existing Wastewater Treatment System

A wastewater filter press is a common piece of wastewater treatment equipment in industries such as metalworking, machining, and food processing. No matter what market you’re in, Beckart Environmental can provide you with a reliable filter press to meet your company’s needs.

At Beckart, we manufacture and distribute Hy-Pack ® wastewater filter presses. Our Hy-Pack® filter presses are incredibly efficient at sludge dewatering and outperform many alternative devices on the market.

  • Hy-Pack® filter presses produce filter cakes that contain between 35 and 50 percent solids.
  • Standard vacuum filters produce filter cakes that contain between 15 and 40 percent solids.
  • Typical basket centrifuges produce filter cakes that contain between 10 and 25 percent solids.

By increasing the amount of solids that you can dispose of with each filter cake (and reducing their total weight), a wastewater filter press from Beckart Environmental can make wastewater contaminant disposal more affordable for your company. The financial benefits are especially clear when you compare the cost of the equipment to the cost of outsourcing sludge disposal. Competitively priced and automated to lower operating costs, our filter presses make the most sense for your company’s bottom line.

Whether you need a model that can accommodate 400-gallon loads or 10,000-gallon loads, Beckart has a wastewater filter press for batches of nearly any size. We are one of the world’s leading filter press suppliers; we’ve installed filter presses at metalworking plants, food processing facilities, stone fabricating worksites, and more. With representatives worldwide, Beckart has a wastewater processing expert available to help you find the right systems and equipment for your needs.

To get pricing information on a Hy-Pack® wastewater filter press, contact Beckart Environmental today.