Wastewater Clarifiers and Other Treatment Equipment Manufactured for Businesses Worldwide

Wastewater clarifiers are an integral part of nearly any industrial continuous wastewater treatment system. To ensure your clarifier is effective, it’s important to find a company with the skills needed to properly design and install it.  Beckart Environmental has been developing wasterwater clarification systems for more than 30 years and our experience working with businesses in a wide variety of industries allows us to find the most effective combination of equipment and chemicals to solve any wastewater problem.  We also incorporate advanced wastewater treatment technology into our wastewater treatment equipment to ensure it’s easy to use. Features such as PLCs, graphic displays and even full automation, while our modular equipment designs make it easy to expand your treatment or clarifier system as your needs change.

In addition to wastewater clarifiers, we offer many other types of treatment equipment, including:

  • Reverse osmosis filters
  • Filter presses
  • Induced and dissolved air floatation systems
  • pH neutralization systems
  • Water washers
  • And more

No matter which combination of wastewater equipment is right for your business, you can count on saving money with Beckart. We manufacture the large majority of our wastewater clarifiers and other equipment in-house, allowing us to offer affordable prices for our systems. As a full-service contractor, we also offer system design, chemistry optimization and chemical supply services so you can save money and time getting all your wastewater treatment needs in one place. We even offer a one-year warranty on our wastewater clarifiers and a process warranty, so you know your investment is safe with us.

To learn more about our wastewater clarifiers or any of our other advanced wastewater treatment equipment, contact Beckart Environmental today. We have representatives ready to serve customer worldwide.