Waste to Energy Technology from Beckart Environmental can Convert BOD, COD, and Sludge into Biogas

Interest in waste to energy technology is steadily growing – especially among companies who are involved with their own wastewater treatment. That’s why Beckart Environmental has partnered with Econvert, an international leader in anaerobic treatment technologies, to bring North American businesses an option for converting BOD, COD, and sludge into biogas.

Econvert’s anaerobic treatment systems turn waste into biogas on a continuous basis. This biogas can then be used for certain industrial applications, including:

  • Generating heat, which can be distributed throughout the worksite
  • Generating electricity to operate boilers, ovens, and other types of industrial equipment
  • And more

By converting water-based waste to energy (and then using that energy to fuel operations), businesses are able to save on primary energy costs. Additionally, because the waste to energy systems help reduce the concentration of BOD, COD, and sludge in their wastewater, businesses can also save on aeration expenses and sludge generation costs. In some cases, the biomass remnants may even be sold for additional processing.

While the technology was designed by Econvert, Beckart manufactures and assembles the equipment in the United States. You’ll benefit from our decades of experience in the wastewater treatment industry, as well as our expert service and support. Whether you’d like assistance integrating your waste to energy unit into your existing water treatment system, programming the touch screen control panels, adjusting the upflow configurations, or troubleshooting a problem that occurs after installation, our team can ensure that all of your wastewater processing needs are efficiently met.

To request more information about our innovative waste to energy technology, contact Beckart Environmental today.