Beckart Environmental is a Leading Expert in the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater

Since 1978, Beckart Environmental has specialized in developing solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater. With international distribution centers, reliable technology, and a full staff of chemists and engineers, Beckart has the resources necessary to help your business achieve its wastewater treatment goals.

Our clients hail from dozens of industrial sectors, including metalworking, manufacturing, and food processing. Because each industry has its own challenges and compliance requirements, we offer several wastewater treatment systems to meet the customer’s needs. And as your company grows, so can your Beckart wastewater system; additional systems to expand your industrial waste water treatment process can be easily added to your existing unit thanks to our modular equipment designs.

Our most popular components include:

  • Anaerobic water treatment systems – Our advanced anaerobic treatment systems help convert your wastewater’s BOD and COD into biogas, which can be utilized as an alternative energy source.
  • Continuous sedimentation treatment systems – Our continuous sedimentation systems help address concentrate bleed-in, high cyanide levels, and other similar water quality concerns.
  • Filter presses – Our filter presses dewater sludge for efficient disposal. Our Hy-Pack® presses outperform other sludge dewatering decides, producing filter cakes that are composed of 30-50% solids for more economical landfill disposal.

Almost all of the equipment that we sell is made in our own manufacturing facility, and is the product of years of research and development by our skilled team. Within our dedicated on-site laboratory, we’re constantly searching for ways to enhance our industrial wastewater treatment technology to better suit our clients’ needs.

Although we’re one of the largest suppliers of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, we’re much more than a processing equipment provider. We offer comprehensive wastewater management programs, feasibility testing, chemistry optimization, and equipment maintenance services.

Contact Beckart Environmental today to discuss the treatment of industrial wastewater at your worksite.