A Hydrated Lime Filter Aid can Improve Water Clarification at Your Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility

Hydrated lime filter aid products from Beckart Environmental can help you improve effluent quality at your industrial wastewater treatment facility. Our dry powdered lime is an effective treatment for industrial solids, petroleum wastes, and even sewage biosolids, making it a versatile choice that can fill a wide range of wastewater treatment needs.

At Beckart, we supply odorless hydrated lime that is suitable for a wide range of applications. For instance:

  • Our hydrated lime filter aid can dissolve wastewater contaminants such as sulfur, chloride compounds, and select organics. If left unaddressed, these impurities can wear heavily on your wastewater treatment equipment. As such, our lime-based filter aids can not only promote more efficient wastewater clarification, but potentially extend the lifespan of your facility’s filtration equipment.
  • Our hydrated lime powders can neutralize acidic sludge and correct the pH balance of your industrial slurries. Lime neutralization is a cost-effective alkali for treating acid waste effluent, and reacts well readily both inorganic and organic acids.
  • Our hydrated lime products can also stabilize pathogenic biosolids for disposal. Lime stabilization can be up to 60 percent less expensive than other methods, and our lime powders are appropriate for both Class A and Class B biosolids.

As a neutralizer and precipitant of chromium, copper, sulfuric acid, heavy metals, and other industrial contaminants, a lime filter aid can help you address a wide range of wastewater impurities at your worksite – but lime is only one of the many chemical filter aids we offer. Beckart Environmental can assess your specific water clarification challenges, and create a custom chemical wastewater treatment program based on your facility’s needs.

To request additional information about our lime filter aid products, contact Beckart Environmental at 1-262-656-7680. We have representatives located worldwide ready to discuss your wastewater filtration goals.