Beckart Environmental is Your Source for Reliable Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Since 1978, Beckart Environmental has been providing industrial water treatment solutions to municipalities and businesses all over the world. Known for our efficient systems, we’re now one of the world’s leading suppliers of industrial wastewater treatment products, with distribution centers in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Mexico, and Chile.

Beckart Environmental has provided wastewater treatment solutions to clients in many industries, including:

  • Food processing
  • Metalworking
  • Painting and coating
  • Stonework
  • Industrial laundering
  • Rendering

Because we understand that no two jobsites are the same, we design each industrial wastewater treatment system after special consideration of the client’s unique needs. No matter what quality concerns you’re looking to address or what compliance issues you’re looking to remedy, Beckart’s engineers and chemists will design a system that meets your company’s needs. We’ll make recommendations based on your regulatory agency’s standards, your industry’s most common pollutants, and your business’s goals (i.e., whether you’d prefer to re-use your wastewater or discharge it after use.)

We offer a higher level of customization than most other equipment suppliers. We can design full environmental treatment systems for your company, or integrate new technology into your existing system to ensure optimal efficiency. Our experts will help you weigh the cost of compliance against the cost of treatment equipment, and design a solution that ultimately protects your bottom line. For many companies, our equipment can be a more cost-effective option than having waste hauled away by a professional disposal company.

While other wastewater contractors only sell equipment, we manufacture nearly all of the systems we sell. Our technicians are extensively familiar with our machinery, and can provide you with competent support throughout your equipment’s lifecycle.

To connect with Beckart Environmental, call (262) 656-7680. We’ll get you started with additional information about our industrial water treatment solutions.