Effluent Treatment Plants for Industrial Facilities Custom-Built by Beckart Environmental

Effluent treatment plants are essential for many industrial businesses that want to avoid paying expensive treatment surcharges or non-compliance penalties. At Beckart Environmental, we’ve helped businesses around the world develop effective treatment systems at their facilities since 1978 and can use this extensive experience to quickly solve virtually any onsite water treatment problem. Whether you’re dealing with challenging chromium conversion from metal plating, emulsified FOGs in food processing waste or high TSS in stonecutting runoff, Beckart has the equipment and other water treatment supplies your facility needs.

We build a wide variety of highly automated wastewater equipment for effluent treatment plants that allows customers to easily and efficiently meet their treatment goals, including:

  • Filter presses
  • Wastewater clarifiers
  • Dissolved air flotation systems
  • Sedimentation tanks
  • Anaerobic treatment systems
  • And more

As a full-service effluent treatment plant manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides a number of services that can ensure your system consistently produces the desired results. Our chemists can analyze your effluent and create an optimized chemistry plan designed to improve the efficiency of your wastewater treatment and disposal system. We also supply a wide range of chemicals for wastewater treatment, with depots located worldwide, ensuring you constantly have the supplies you need for your operations. Beckart even has technicians ready to provide thorough preventative maintenance and emergency repairs to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

To learn more about the effluent treatment plants we’ve built and to learn which of our solutions can work for you, contact Beckart Environmental today.