A Dissolved Air Flotation System from Beckart Environmental Can Help You Meet Compliance Requirements

Industrial wastewater is often contaminated with a variety of solids – but a dissolved air flotation system can remove these substances so they can be properly disposed of. Here at Beckart Environmental, we design dissolved air flotation (DAF) units that help businesses meet their wastewater quality requirements. Featuring high flow rates and capture ratios, our aeration wastewater treatment systems provide you with an effective way to avoid non-compliance fees for discharging hazardous wastewater.

Beckart’s dissolved air flotation systems can treat more than 5,000 gallons of contaminated wastewater per day. Supplemental flotation cells are also available, if you need to increase your treatment capacity as your business grows.

Our dissolved air flotation systems can isolate a wide range of suspended solids, including:

  • Free-floating or emulsified fats, oils, and greases
  • Dissolved heavy metals
  • Soaps and surfactants

Our DAF technology works anywhere you have the need for flocculation. They are especially well suited for particles produced by cement and stone fabrication, ink production, and metal finishing, but can improve solids filtering and disposal in any industrial worksite.

For added convenience, Beckart dissolved air flotation systems can be equipped with dishbottom or hopper bottom clarifiers. This makes it simpler than ever for your employees to dispose of the separated contaminates. Thanks to integrated technology and automated logging features, our DAF systems are incredibly simple to use with minimal training, reducing the labor cost of wastewater treatment for your business.

Call Beckart Environmental today to get additional information about a dissolved air flotation system or one of our other efficient treatment options.