Waste Water Disposal Systems Designed, Optimized and Installed for Businesses Worldwide

Waste water disposal is a challenge for many businesses, but with Beckart Environmental it’s easy to get an affordable and effective treatment system that protects your business from expensive treatment surcharges and non-compliance fines. We’ve been designing, manufacturing and optimizing systems since 1978, so you can trust that we have the experience needed to find an innovative solution to any wastewater treatment problem. We manufacture a wide variety of wastewater treatment and disposal equipment in-house, which allows us to create exceptionally effective systems, which include advanced water treatment technology, at competitive prices. We can incorporate many features such as PLCs into our wastewater treatment products to make them highly automated and easy to use. We also design our equipment modularly and with optional skid mounts, which allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration of your waste treatment system as your needs change.

In addition to our selection of treatment equipment, we also offer a variety of chemicals that can help in waste water disposal, including:

  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Hydrated lime
  • Polymers
  • Bentonite clay
  • Aluminum chloride
  • Coagulants
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • And more

Whatever combination of equipment and chemicals works for your system, you can rely on Beckart to help you keep your system running efficiently for years. We have chemical suppliers and support staff located worldwide, so we can provide the chemicals and maintenance your system needs on wherever you’re located. We also provide a warranty on both our equipment and treatment process, so you can rest assured your investment in our services is protected.

For more information on our waste water disposal systems and our many services, contact Beckart Environmental today.