Water Polymers for Wastewater Treatment from Beckart Environmental

chemicals_bBeckart Environmental can provide your company with the wastewater treatment polymers you need for effective flocculation and ultimately, thorough wastewater treatment. We carry cationic polymer and anionic polymer products, including anionic / polymer B40, as part of our full line of chemical wastewater treatment supplies. But more importantly, our experienced and highly trained chemists and technicians can create an optimized chemistry plan that ensures your system works at peak efficiency. Without this guidance you run the risk of damaging your equipment by using the wrong chemicals, spending too much money on wasted chemicals, paying costly non-compliance fees, and running up higher energy bills because your system is operating inefficiently.

Let us help you avoid all of those problems with a customized selection of flocculent water polymers and other chemicals including:

And, because we have decades of experience working with industries that include granite processing, printing & corrugated, metal finishing, machining, stone fabrication, food processing, painting & coating, and more, we’ll likely know exactly which wastewater polymer is right for your system. Additionally, if you need more than the right water polymers to solve your wastewater compliance issues, we can design a custom waste water treatment system with high-quality components like our filter presses to meet your needs.

For more information on our water polymers, other chemical treatment products, or wastewater treatment systems, contact Beckart today.