Diatomaceous Earth Filter Aid from Beckart Environmental

Diatomaceous earth is a natural filter aid comprised largely of pure silica. This mineral powder can improve the filtering capacity of inert filters by helping to remove suspended solids, semi-colloids and oily liquids. It is also used for pre-coating the septum in a variety of filtering devices such as filter presses, vacuum filters, leaf filters, tubular filters and other specialty filters. In addition to being extremely effective, diatomaceous earth is also economical, making it a great choice for facilities managers looking to boost the productivity of their wastewater systems without making huge upgrades.

With an odorless makeup, specific gravity of 2.3 and a pH of 5-7 S.U (10% slurry), it’s a great choice for many processes such as:

  • Industrial wastewater
  • Filter precoat
  • Sludge conditioning
  • Body feed

We offer diatomaceous earth in 50 lb bags or in loose bulk delivered in pneumatic trucks.

If you’d like more information about diatomaceous earth, our other filter aids bentonite clay and perlite, or any of our other optimized chemistry products, contact us today.

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