Chemicals for Industrial Water Treatment Systems Available Worldwide from Beckart Environmental

When your business needs chemicals for a water treatment system, trust the company who’s been supplying industrial operations worldwide for more than 30 years – Beckart Environmental. We’ve got a large selection of coagulants, acids, alkalis, filter aids, sludge conditioners, odor controllers and disinfectants, so no matter what type of chemicals you need we have a solution that will work for you. Whether you need a polymer to ensure flocculation in your wastewater clarifier or sulfuric acid to lower the pH in a chromium conversion system, we can design a chemical service program that ensures you get the chemicals you need when you need them. Our service programs also include optimization from our skilled chemists who can help you establish and monitor treatment logs, audit your system, monitor effluent quality and provide recommendations on improvements to your system to take advantage of the latest advances in water treatment chemicals.

One of our most popular chemicals is chlorine dioxide, a powerful odor control and oxidizing agent. We offer several innovative ways for you to get this important effluent treatment chemical, including Aqua-Dry Kits that can provide Chlorine dioxide in up to 25-gallon batches of 1200ppm.

We also offer full wastewater treatment design services and can develop an effective treatment program from the ground up or improve your current industrial water treatment systems. For more information on our selection of chemicals for water treatment and our wastewater treatment equipment, contact Beckart Environmental today.